Great 4th of July Party

Thank you to everyone for coming to the 4th of July party at Max and Landon’s place. What a great opportunity for neighbors to meet and connect as well as reconnect.

Many shared their ideas for future neighborhood activities, so I’ve put together this free site on to help us stay in touch. The goal of the site is to let us all know what is going on in the neighborhood and surrounding communities such as events, road closures, changes in county and state laws and land rights, and updates on how we are all doing and what we are doing.

Currently, what my husband, Brent, is calling the North Plains North neighborhood has no specific boundaries. Many consider us part of the Helvetia area west along the Highway 26 north corridor. For some of us, our community reaches up Skyline Drive to the east and others toward Dixie Mountain to the west.

What matters is we are all neighbors and we chose to live in this community because of its proximity to services and employment and its distance from those as well. We love our trees, wildlife, and the quiet that comes from living in the south foothills of the Oregon Coast Mountain Range.

There are two levels of participation.

  1. Comment: To respond and comment on this site, you do not have to be a site member or register for anything. Just hit the REPLY or RESPOND link or button and have your say on the post of interest.
  2. Contributor: A contributor is someone who adds content to the site as posts. It would be great to have everyone in the neighborhood have the ability to post to the site. If you would like to do so and haven’t been directly contacted, use our contact form to let us know.

Currently the site is open to the public but not indexed by search engines, keeping it slightly hidden from spammers and from the public in general, our little private spot on the web without restricting public access. This could change at any time if enough people would like to restrict access or open it up to search engines.

This is your neighborhood site. We can do with it whatever you wish. I’m an expert in WordPress and web publishing, so I’ve set it up to be VERY easy to use. Let me know if you have any questions about how it works.

Thanks again for being such a great part of our neighborhood and being so friendly and welcoming. We are in this together, so let’s do it together.