This site serves the neighborhood community living north of North Plains, Oregon.

This site is for neighbors only to keep us informed, educated, and connected. It is for making announcements of news and events related to our life in the western foothills of the Oregon Coast Range west of Portland, Oregon.

This is an evolving site and currently supports information on:

  • News: News that impacts our neighborhood such as road closures and repairs, alerts, houses for sale, and other timely information we need to know. If there are new neighbors moving out or moving in, this is news and we need to welcome them.
  • Updates: Updates to news or information important to the neighborhood on an ongoing basis.
  • Events: Events and activities in the neighborhood as well as the nearby community such as the Lavender Festival, Lily Festival, Elephant Garlic Festival, and the bike marathons that pass through on a regular basis.
  • For Sale: While Freecycle, Goodwill, and Ebay should be your first choices in selling or giving things away, if you have something of value you’d like to give or sell, why not give your neighbors a chance first.
  • Sharing: Have something to share with others in the neighborhood? A tool, vehicle, tractor, ladder, wood chipper, log chopper, whatever? I miss the days when neighbors shared, so this is our chance to share again and help each other out, especially with expensive tools and equipment. If you are considering buying such a tool or equipment, consider announcing it here and maybe a neighbor might go in on it with you to share the costs.
  • Laws and Taxes: Recent changes in zoning laws and changes to state and county laws and taxes impact all of us. If you have information on any of these, we need to know.
  • Stories and Photos: The foothills here have many stories to tell, many forgotten. Let’s not forget them. If you have stories to share of the history or current events on the hill or photos, please share them.

There are two ways to participate on the site. You may comment without requiring a login or membership, or with one, you may contribute to the site to help keep us informed.

If you are interested in contributing and live in the neighborhood, use our contact form to let us know and we’ll add you to the site.