How to Get Update Notifications

To be notified about updates and new posts to the site, there are three ways.

  1. By Email: To subscribe by email, use the form below. When a new post is added to the site, you will receive an email notification.
  2. Follow or Add to Reader: If you are currently a member of, you may follow the site and add it to your Reader, a feed reader built into the interface.
  3. Follow with a Feed Reader: If you are using a feed reader like Feedly or Flipboard, you may Add this site to your feed reader. to it to track new posts and updates.

How to Comment

To comment on any post in this site, simply click the Reply or Respond link or the comment box.

If you are a member of or any WordPress site, if you are logged in, your name, email, and website address will automatically be shown in the comment form along with your Gravatar, if you have it set. If you would like that information changed, simply edit it.

Registration and login with the site is not required to comment.

How to Contribute to the Site

If you are a member of the neighborhood and would like to contribute news and information to the site, Contact the North Plains North Community. to be added as an author to the site.

To become a member, you will receive an invitation to join to the email submitted in the form. This MUST be the email to a current account, or one that you wish to use for such an account. Upon receipt of the email invitation, you have a two step process. Be aware that is changing their interface and these two steps might become one or four.

  1. Join You do NOT need to get a free blog. Simply choose to get a free username if you do not wish a free blog.
  2. Accept the invitation to join the North Plains North neighborhood site.

To add a post:

  1. Create Post: When logged in, a post entry post will appear at the top of the front page of the site inviting you to post. Write in the box.
  2. Add Title: Click the three lines in the top row (of the new editor – subject to change) to add the post title (REQUIRED).
  3. Add Images: There is an image button for uploading images and embedding them into the posts. Click it to start the process. Please add the ALT TEXT (alternative text) to describe the image for visually impaired folks.
  4. Style Content: Use the buttons above the post area to bold, italic, and add links. Type what you wish to modify, then use the buttons.
  5. Preview: Click PREVIEW to check it.
  6. Publish: Click Publish or Post to publish the post.

Please note that is changing their interface, much to the disapproval of many, so this process will probably not change, but the interface might.

For more help with working with WordPress, see Learn WordPress.